Once averaging over 1000 hits a day, my blog is dead. Open viewing today, all are welcome to pay their respects.

It is not just which has died. It is the intimate connection I had with that entity, that being, that life which is gone.
The adventures we had were viewed by hundreds of thousands, and in the demise that caused ozenoz death, millions the world over.
My relationship with ozenoz spanned decades of cooperative and independent research, blood, sweat, and an ocean of tears. That this death should go unnoticed, unheard, or simply rest in ignorance is my fear by the anger I know masks the hurt.
In the tradition of my Jewish family, the viewing and burial is now. This site will always remain as a remembrance. In one year, the stories I will have put to proper order will be assembled, and my healing starts with the end of that year.
One year from now, the wake will be held for those who knew ozenoz.
R.I.P. my friend, ozenoz. I will miss you and your heart which saved my own to eternity.